Aiman Shamsul

Aiman Shamsul Iwardi, MSTA, CFTe

MATA Professional Members,

Portfolio Manager, Treasury Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)


Aiman is a portfolio manager in the Treasury of the Central Bank of Malaysia, a recipient of numerous awards and commendations earned throughout his current 8th-year career. His experience covers foreign exchange, fixed income strategies and trading as well as treasury related activities. Well-versed in a spectrum of strategy going from trend following to statistical and relative-value arbitrages, algo and momentum-based strategies mainly in FX and FX Futures, Commodity and Fixed income (factors, trend following). Previously a speaker for during the 2018 International Training in Rubber Market Analysis and Research by The Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC). He is also qualified Member of Society of Technical Analysts, MSTA (STA UK), Certified Financial Technician, CFTe (IFTA) and professional members of MATA.

Presentation Topic:

Applying Technical Analysis on Fundamental Data to Determine Market Sentiment


Throughout the history of the financial market, there is an ongoing debate on whether to use fundamental data and news or pure technical analysis to assist a trader in making his decision to buy or sell. Fundamental data often is the driver of the broad market direction in some liquid markets. Technical analysts use forms of technical analysis tools to spot market direction. Often, fundamental data is disregarded as one of the philosophies in technical analysis, and price action discounts everything. In this study, we explore to apply technical analysis on several leading and lagging fundamental data to gauge market sentiment and ultimately guide us to spot trend direction on significant indices, fixed income and forex pairs. The study will focus on selected indices such as Dow Jones, S&P 500, 10- and 30-Years US Treasury yield and USDEUR forex pair which is the leading pair to gauge US Dollar strength.