Francesco Caruso

Francesco Caruso, MFTA, is owner and founder of Market Risk Management, an investment advisory company that provides technically-driven money management advice and provides proprietary research for institutions. He is member of the IFTA Board since 2016 and has been official speaker at the IFTA Conferences 1998 (Rome), IFTA 2006 (Lugano), IFTA 2016 (Sydney) and IFTA 2017 (Milan).

He has 30 years of experience in the development and application of cyclical and quantitative analysis to asset management and asset allocation models. He published books and articles and created several technical models and indicators available on most financial charting software and platforms, such as the Composite Momentum, the DiffRS, the ATR Bands, the Thermic Indicator, the Fear/Greed Index and the Fear/Complacency Index. Actually, he is managing a fund and developing a new proprietary software.


* SIAT Technical Analysis Award 2011 and 2015.

* “John Brooks” Memorial Award IFTA 2008

* “Leonardo International Award” of the Financial Research 1997 and 1998

Mr. Caruso is often present in financial media, holds several seminars and professional courses and is involved in projects regarding the diffusion of technical and quantitative analysis.