Guido Riolo

After completing an MBA in finance, Guido worked at Delta Forex, an Italian consultancy specialising in Elliott Wave analysis on currencies. In 1998 he started at Bloomberg, where his first task was to set up the TA group for the Analytics desk, supporting the European Head of Technical Analysis. In January 2005 he was promoted to Head of TA for the EMEA region. In August 2015 Guido became Global Head of Technical Analysis specialists. In December 2018 Guido moved to Symmetry Investments, where he currently works as a research analyst focusing on Technical Analysis. In March 2010 Guido became a member of the board of directors of the Society of Technical Analysts in the UK. Guido presented twice at the global IFTA conference, the first time in 2007 on “Trading the DeMark Levels”, the second time in 2011 on “Risk: Technicals, Fundamentals and Various Considerations”.