Omar Ali, BBMA

Omar Ali (Oma Ally) is a well-known Forex Guru in Malaysia and the neighbouring countries. He is the founder of BBMA Trading System, a system combining the use of Bollinger Bands and Moving Averages. Oma Ally developed the BBMA Trading System in 2008 and is still perfecting the system until today. He has been a trader since 1988 and having experienced numerous turbulent events in the market over the years, has made him a better trader.

Oma Ally authoured a book titled ‘BBMA Basic’ which is very useful for traders.  As a Forex Guru he has been invited to speak at various engagements throughout the country and he boasts a following of more than 10,000 people on both Instagram and Facebook.

In early 2018, he was appointed as Advisor on the Technical Board of the Malaysian Association of Technical Analysts (MATA). Now, the BBMA Trading System is also used as a research analysis tool by Maybank Investment Bank.