Rosario Zammuto

Rosario Zammuto is Certified SIAT Technical Analyst and Business Developer for an important Italian startup on Fintech for Investing and Wealth Management. He worked at Azimut as Fund Selection Manager for Asset Management after significant in Banca Profilo, Banca Mediolanum and Cassa di Risparmio di Alessandria where he was responsible for mixed asset management fund. In Azimut as Head of the Advisory Desk he was responsible for a project for the development of a consulting tool based on the division of the portfolio into mental accounts (Goal Based Investing). As a quantitative manager, he is a proficient user of Bollinger and Ichimoku, and with the “SIAT Award Technical Analyst 2018” he began an important study of a system of strategies that can be used both in Trading, Investing and Wealth Management. He presented two of these strategies, the ChikoBo mean reverting strategy and the KeBoll volatility breakout strategy, to the IFTA Malaysia 2018 international technical analysis conference. He have participated as a speaker at various events (ITForum Rimini, Tolexpo Borsa Italiana, Webinar SIAT etc.) as an expert in the fields of Trading, Investing, Wealth Management and Fintech.