Suriani Muhammad

Suriani Muhammad

MATA Associate Members,

Founder, Najam Al Bariq Consultancy Sdn Bhd


Ms. Suraini is a full-time trader and focusing her assets allocation mostly in US equity and commodities derivative. She is the founder of Najam Al-Bariq Consultancy Sdn Bhd, a company that focuses on helping traders thriving in a volatile market using her iconic strategy. The previous career was a stint at Government Linked Company – Tenaga Nasional Berhad (Malaysia biggest utility company) for 17 years where she manages and provides a business strategy for the conglomerate. Suraini was among small numbers of talent that nominated to succeed USD20 billion company before she quit and turned to the full-time trader.

Presentation Topic:

Najam Al-Bariq – Hybrid Trading System, an Approach from a Theological Perspective


Najam Al Bariq (NAB) meaning A Sparkle Star is a combination of 5 geometrical lines performing a pattern of a Star. The lines determine a precise entry and exit, also maximize the profit taking level. It’s suitable for all instruments and applicable for any timeframe. NAB discovery is primarily a leading indicator to forecast the market trend. The method is discovered throughout five years of extensive researches and studies. Suriani a deeper connection between Al Quran and Science (for trading). Using her newfound strategy, she managed to turn small fund into USD1.5million in short period.