Yukitoshi Higashino

Yukitoshi Higashino, MFTA

NTAA Director / DZH Financial Research, Chief Technical Strategist of the Equity Research team

Contact email: higashino3z@gmail.com


Yukitoshi is Chief Technical Strategist of the Equity Research team at DZH Financial Research, an investment information firm located in Tokyo, as Shanghai DZH Limited group. He leads development of technical strategies for client securities firms dealing in futures, ETFs, and CFDs. His main responsibilities range from analysis of major indices of the Asian and world markets and can extend to even individual stocks. Prior to this, he was a stock lending trader for foreign securities houses and a treasury stock trader for Mizuho Trust Bank. He was also an equity trader and a market analyst at securities firm. Yukitoshi serves as a Director of the Nippon Technical Analysts Association (NTAA). This will be his fourth appearance at the IFTA annual conference since the 2010 Conference held in Berlin, Germany.